Who We Are

Bernadette Suski-Harding, Top Dog

Bernadette Suski-Harding has loved words since the day she sounded out her first on a “one way” sign during a family road trip. It wasn’t long before every last penny of birthday cash was spent on Nancy Drew and Little House books. As an adult, the collection has changed a bit – now it’s fiction by Chris Bohjalian, Tracy Chevalier and John Irving, with a healthy mix of cooking and knitting books thrown in. Each collection is a happy work in progress.

Bernadette started her writing career in 1988 as a community newspaper reporter and editor with Forbes Newspapers, and later helped launch a chain of successful weekly newspapers in southern New Jersey. In the years since, Bernadette has worked as a public relations account executive for the travel industry; a freelance writer; and a publicist for authors, musicians, entrepreneurs and non-profits. Her favorite gig by far was PR for a no-kill animal shelter in New Jersey, where she was often paid in dog.

Bernadette regularly writes for public relations agencies, corporate communications departments, custom publishers, businesses, entrepreneurs, destinations, authors, non-profits and individuals.

When she isn’t working, Bernadette reads with her young daughter, hopes fervently for snow, bakes cakes from scratch and walks the dogs. She occasionally-but-not-nearly-often-enough breaks out the knitting needles or the bike, and is trying hard to figure out a way to do both at once.

Bernadette has a degree in Journalism with a minor in Literature from Pace University. She’s been married for more than 20 years to her best friend and the vice president of Big Beast Media, David Harding. They met at her first newspaper job, where he was the boss.

David Harding, Chief Pencil Chewer

David Harding has been telling stories since he was five years old. Back then, his creative efforts were designed to get him out of trouble with his parents.

Professionally, David began his career at Forbes Newspapers, where at the age of 24 he was editing two weekly newspapers. Later he worked as a news editor with Dow Jones & Company, Inc. He also held a corporate IT position for several years, overseeing the quality of internet products with combined annual revenues of more than $400 million.
His fascination with social media led him to complete a Rutgers University graduate program in Digital Marketing and Social Media. He also has a degree in journalism from Bowling Green State University.

David never lost his lifelong affection for the written word. He handled PR pro bono for a history museum in Philadelphia and for several historical organizations in New Jersey. In 2010, he co-authored a local history book. He also chronicles his misadventures parenting a daughter adopted from China in his blog, [“Growing Up With Penelope.”]

When he’s not writing, David’s reading, walking his two beagles, researching his family’s genealogy, cooking, bartending professionally or chasing his daughter in the park. David avidly roots for the New York Mets and the Cleveland Browns, ensuring he’s a frustrated sports fan year-round.

David has been married to his best friend and the president of Big Beast Media, Bernadette Suski-Harding, for more than 20 years. They are thrilled to be working together again. Only this time, she’s the boss.

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