About Our Company Name

BaileyLike so many stories that tug at the heart, this one begins and ends with a dog.

Early one morning, Bailey, our mischievous Golden Retriever, decided David’s Dad, who was visiting, needed to play. So, he grabbed his favorite rope toy, trotted onto the back porch where Dad was drinking coffee, and dropped it on his lap.

But Dad was more interested in his morning paper and coffee than in play. Bailey scurried back into the house and returned, this time carrying a stuffed animal. With his tail swinging back and forth like a windshield wiper in a heavy storm, he again dropped a toy on Dad’s lap.

Dad looked at the toy briefly, but wouldn’t take the bait. He dropped it on the floor and went back to the morning paper.

But Bailey was determined. He charged into the house, ran up the stairs and into the guest bedroom. He nosed around Dad’s suitcase, lying open on the floor, and moments later reappeared on the porch — this time carrying a pair of Dad’s socks in his mouth. With a vigorous shake of his head and a small bark, he managed to capture Dad’s attention.

Dad, who took it all with good humor, tossed the paper onto the table and laughed. “OK, you win. Let’s play.”

From that day, our nickname for Bailey was “The Big Beast.” We loved him for his creativity, playfulness and persistence.

These same principles inspire our work at Big Beast Media.

We believe there are creative and playful ways to get people to pay attention to your story.

And, like the Big Beast, we will persist in getting them to focus on yours.